How to market and sell your business for your best return Sydney NSW

How to market and sell your business for your best return Sydney NSW

How to market and sell your business for your best return Sydney NSW

This is quite tricky; you need to work out who would buy your business and what there are looking for. You need to know the good and bad points of the business. That takes time, there are no real short cuts that I know of. Just spend time getting to know the business, what it does and why people would buy it. Ask the questions and gather the information. The secret to marketing a business is to get the buyer interested. Wanting to know more and reach out to you to want to know more. That way they are the one wanting something from you. If you have heard the expression less is more, it can’t be more true here. Tell them to much and they think they know everything, where the opposite could be true. They assume and get it wrong.

Generally, it goes like this;

For this example, is it an one market sale, off market sales are a little different. We advertise is such a way the buyer does not know the name of the business or the location. We give a general location such as near Sydney CBD. The buyer sees the business advertised and wants to know more. They get redirected to our website which is the golden source. If they like what they see they are required to login and give information to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (CA). Then we get there contact details, this is where we contact then and qualify them as genuine buyers. In the mean time the buyer goes into our database, which we use for marketing. Only after the buyer is qualified would they get the Information Memorandum (IM). If they like what they see I set up the first meeting, this is here buyer and seller ask questions. From here I will post a blog “The First Meeting”.

The strength of Connections

Generally, who you know is important as is your market reach. At NetworkInfinity we have both bases covered. We put your business in front of more buyers. We do that buy having each broker with their own connections selling your business, but you only ever deal with the listing broker. I myself have thousands of connections with business owners and investors. I have a database of business buyers, ready for businesses I list. Why not get a team to sell your business?

Talk to me about how you can sell your business today.

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