Capital raising Sydney New South Wales Australia investment

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Capital raising Sydney New South Wales Australia investment

Capital raising Sydney New South Wales Australia investment. Yes, we can help you raise capital. We have signed up two $2,000,000 capital raising so far in January. We have another which we will try and sign up, but it's not quite ready.

1. Internet marketing

The first one is an internet marketing company. That helps SME's grow sales. When we say grow sales it's no 30 or 50%, it's 30 times or even 50 times. Now they have a proven track record in delivering increased sales. At the heart of the operation is a sales engine.

What they are offering is up to 20% of the business. They will use the capital for is one, a war chest and two to help them take on more clients. What makes them different is they take a 15 to 30 percent share of the company they are going to grow sales.

In growing the sales, the capital value of the shares increases as does the company. A win win for both. If you have any interest you will need to be fast, we will advertise it as of the 28th January 2020. We already have two interested parties.

2. Hotel room bookings

The second is a hotel rooms booking company. What is interesting is they cut out the middleman. Typically, the hotel booking sites change the hotel between 15% to 30% of the booking. Removing this means the hotels can offer the rooms at a lower price.

It's the person or company that pays a fee. This will be a global roll out of this system country by country. This will be a death nail for many hotel booking sites.

This is one to look at, the people running are really switched on.

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Capital raising Sydney New South Wales Australia investment

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