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If you are looking for a powerhouse broker. You can find it here, we are experts in selling businesses. Be it hospitality, alcohol, hotels, motels or any other business.

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Our fees are simple with no hidden fees or charges. We charge a very low upfront fee with no more to pay until sold. It really is that simple.

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We cover all of Australia, we are not just a local business broker. We put yours in front of more buyers. By advertising where the buyers are looking. We don't just put a listing in a shop window and our own website. It really is that simple.

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To learn more why not have a chat? And see how we can help you in or out of a business. That really is our bread and butter.

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What's currently in demand in Sydney, is IT companies, food distribution, digital marketing, transport distribution, leisure entertainment, beauty health beauty, franchise business, cafe restaurants, accessories parts, air conditioning, service station, education training, channels wholesale, building construction, professional services, food outlet, national distribution, online business, health and fitness, food hospitality, building and construction, office supplies, beauty salon, food beverage, home-based, shop retail, cafe coffee shop, industrial manufacturing, import-export wholesale, commercial property, takeaway food, accommodation tourism, bars nightclubs and much more to search.

If you have a business you would like to sell in Sydney, Newcastle CBD, Port Stephens, Newcastle region, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory or Australia.

Lower North Shore Convenience Store Going For A Song For Sale In Sydney

This convenience store has got it all, a wonderful business model, a stunning spot, and an affluent suburb about to boom. The business is situated between North Sydney and St Leonards which is about to get a second train station.

We all know what that means, new developments. The owner of the business also owns the property, so a superb lease is not a problem. He is also open to considering other businesses and removing the stock.

So if you are after an amazing spot this is it. Why not start your new business here, it's at a really low price to encourage experienced people to run the business. At the end of the day, he wants a good long-term tenant who has a good business and will pay the rent.

She is not after an empty shop, which makes this a stunning advantage for someone.

  • Main road
  • Cheap rent
  • Dealing directly with the landlord
  • Wonderful businesses
  • High visibility
  • Training

Internet, parcel, ATM and much more, he would consider other business use in return for a long lease.

Don't delay, this was on the market for $99,000. The owner is keen to sell as driving to and from the shop is almost a full-time job.

Flexible owner, finest location. make an offer this won't last long!

Open to offers

Walk in and start trading

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AAA Market Services

We are your local agents. With years of experience in helping buyers and sellers of businesses. We trade as Network Infinity and have hundreds of amazing options for sale.

Our network covers most of Australia. Email or phone us for some expert advice and let us help you. Through the difficult task of buying or selling a business.

We are experts in getting sellers a great price for their businesses. Why not start a conversation today, it will cost you nothing. It may save you lots of money.

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We offer free consultations, so what have you got to lose? Very low upfront fees and commission on the sale of your business. It really is that simple.

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How AAA Market Services Can Help You Sell Your Business


Selling a is a complex and often daunting process, but with the right guidance and support, it can be a highly rewarding endeavour. We are, a leading player in the field of brokerage and M&A advisory, and offer a wide range of services aimed at helping owners successfully navigate the sale of their enterprises. In this article, we'll delve into the various ways we can assist you in selling yours, detailing the key benefits and insights they provide.

  1. Valuation Expertise

One of the first and most critical steps in selling is determining its accurate market value. We leverage its extensive experience and access to market data to conduct a thorough valuation. This valuation goes beyond mere financials, considering intangible assets and market dynamics to provide a comprehensive picture of your business's worth. This accurate valuation is crucial for setting the right asking price and attracting potential buyers.

  1. Targeted Marketing and Exposure

Selling is not about merely listing it and hoping for the finest. We employ a targeted marketing approach. They understand the importance of reaching the right audience – those who are genuinely interested and financially capable of buying yours. Our network and marketing strategies ensure maximum exposure to qualified buyers, increasing your chances of a successful sale.

  1. Confidentiality and Discretion

Confidentiality is often a paramount concern when selling. Leaks about a potential sale can harm a company's reputation or disrupt operations. We prioritize confidentiality throughout the process. They utilize non-disclosure agreements and careful communication strategies to protect your business's sensitive information.

  1. Qualified Buyer Screening

Not all interested parties are serious buyers. We filter potential buyers, ensuring they have the financial capability and genuine interest in yours. This screening process saves time and effort by focusing on the most promising leads, preventing the common pitfall of dealing with unqualified or insincere buyers.

  1. Negotiation Expertise

Negotiating a sale can be a delicate and high-stakes process. We act as a buffer, representing your interests and facilitating negotiations to achieve the finest deal possible. Our experience in deal-making, combined with our knowledge of market trends, ensures that you are in a strong position at the negotiating table.

  1. Due Diligence Support

Due diligence is a critical phase of any sale. It involves a thorough examination of yours by the buyer to assess its assets, liabilities, contracts, and more. We guide you through this process, helping you prepare the necessary documents and answering buyer queries, thereby expediting the due diligence phase.

  1. Legal and Financial Resources

Selling involves legal and financial intricacies that can be overwhelming. We have a network of trusted professionals, including attorneys and accountants, who specialize in sales. These connections ensure that you have access to expert advice and support throughout the transaction.

  1. Smooth Transition Planning

Transitioning to new ownership can be a complex task. We can help facilitate this transition, ensuring that all necessary documents are in place, contracts are transferred smoothly, and employees and customers are informed and comfortable with the change in ownership.

  1. Post-Sale Support

Even after the sale, we can continue to be a resource. They can help with any post-sale issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth handover and providing guidance for managing the proceeds of the sale.

  1. Knowledge of Market Trends

We have a deep knowledge of the selling landscape means we can provide valuable insights into market trends, helping you time your sale to maximize its value. They can also advise on the current market conditions and potential challenges you might face.


Selling is a multifaceted process that demands expertise, precision, and dedication. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help owners navigate this journey successfully. Our valuation expertise, targeted marketing, confidentiality measures, and support throughout the sale process can significantly enhance your chances of not only selling yours but getting the finest possible deal. With their assistance, you can ensure a smooth and profitable transition, allowing you to move on to your next venture or retirement with confidence.

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