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Great you are on our website, even better if you are looking to sell or buy a business. I am a member of one of the fastest-growing firms of business brokers in Australia. This is my own company website, I trade as Network Infinity and my businesses are listed there.

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What's currently in demand in Sydney, is IT companies, food distribution, digital marketing, transport distribution, leisure entertainment products, health beauty, retail franchise business, cafe restaurants, air conditioning, service station, professional services, national distribution, bakery cafe coffee shop, online business, convenience store, health and fitness, food hospitality, beauty health, building and construction, commercial property, takeaway food, clothing footwear, food beverage, office supplies, home-based, industrial manufacturing, import-export wholesale, aged care, building construction, accommodation tourism, bars nightclubs and much more to search.

If you have a business for sale in Sydney, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory or Australia.

Here is an example of a retail business we have listed

Back on the Market after Tens with the Same Owner, Located in the Heart of a Major Lower North Shore Shopping Centre. This long-established store is in a great location close to the bus and train station, has excellent turnover, good lease, reasonable rent, and tax returns and is just waiting for a new operator to take it over and expand the businesses.

This is a great find and investment.

This store has a $20K to $22K turnover, $4K pw Opal, storage room and a full car space.

The owner is selling another busy convenience store Listing ID 226 which is just a short walk away from this store. A quick buyer may be able to pick up both stores as a package.



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Increasing the value of a business is a multifaceted task that requires a strategic approach and careful consideration of various factors. While it's challenging to cover all aspects in just 1000 words, I'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of key strategies to help increase your value of yours.

  1. Develop a Clear Value Proposition:
    • Identify your target markets and understand their needs and pain points.
    • Differentiate yours by offering unique and valuable offerings.
    • Clearly communicate the value your business provides to customers.
  2. Strengthen Your Brand:
    • Build brand awareness through effective marketing and advertising strategies.
    • Consistently deliver a positive customer experience to enhance brand reputation.
    • Cultivate brand loyalty through personalized interactions and exceptional offerings.
  3. Focus on Customer Acquisition and Retention:
    • Implement targeted marketing campaigns to attract new customers.
    • Develop customer retention programs to encourage repeats.
    • Foster strong customer relationships through excellent offerings and engagement.
  4. Enhance Operational Efficiency:
    • Continuously assess and improve operational processes to eliminate inefficiencies.
    • Leverage technology to automate repetitive tasks and streamline operations.
    • Optimize the supply chain to reduce costs and improve delivery times.
  5. Foster Innovation and Adaptability:
    • Encourage a culture of innovation within your organization.
    • Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies.
    • Adapt your offerings to meet evolving customer needs.
  6. Invest in Human Capital:
    • Hire and retain talented employees who align with your goals.
    • Provide ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance skills.
    • Foster a positive work environment that promotes employee engagement and productivity.
  7. Expand Reach:
    • Identify more target markets or geographical areas for expansion.
    • Develop strategic partnerships or alliances to access more customer segments.
    • Leverage digital platforms and e-commerce to reach a broader audience.
  8. Diversify Revenue Streams:
    • Explore opportunities to offer complementary products or services.
    • Develop new revenue streams based on your core competencies.
    • Consider licensing or franchising your business model.
  9. Optimize Financial Management:
    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records.
    • Implement effective cost-control measures to improve profitability.
    • Maximize cash flow management through efficient invoicing and payment processes.
  10. Enhance Intellectual Property:
  • Protect your intellectual property through patents, trademarks, or copyrights.
  • Develop innovative technologies or processes that provide a competitive advantage.
  • Leverage your intellectual property through licensing or partnerships.
  1. Build Strong Relationships with Stakeholders:
  • Cultivate relationships with suppliers to negotiate favourable terms.
  • Establish strong relationships with investors and lenders.
  • Develop strategic alliances with other businesses to create synergies.
  1. Demonstrate Growth Potential:
  • Develop a comprehensive plan highlighting growth opportunities.
  • Provide evidence of past and projected financial performance.
  • Showcase scalability and potential for future expansion.
  1. Seek Expert Advice:
  • Consult with advisors, consultants, or industry experts.
  • Obtain professional valuations to gain insights into your business's value.
  • Stay informed about trends and regulatory changes.

In conclusion, increasing the value of yours requires a holistic approach that encompasses various aspects such as differentiation, brand building, customer focus, operational efficiency, innovation, expansion, financial management, and stakeholder relationships. By implementing these strategies and adapting them to your specific context, you can enhance your value of and position it for long-term success.

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