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AAA Market Services


Is where you employ AAA Market Services to provide knowledge, experience and expertise assistance to your business under the direct or indirect guidance. This also covers 24x7 on-site or call out support.
When it comes to support we have move than 20 years dealing room experience. With expertise in risk management, including operation management.

That includes monitoring, hardware and software checks. Capacity and cost management, proactive reductions in unused services. During the last contract more money was saved by the bank then paid out in consulting fees. Design of trading room platforms and latency management.

Relocations of systems and data centres, more time than we want to remember. Some times two data centre moves at once. You name it we have probably done it.

Examples of our areas of expertise are;

  • market data service delivery
  • invoicing and reporting
  • inventory management
  • project management
  • disaster recovery
  • business continuity
  • risk management
  • market data cost reduction
  • platform design
  • system implementation
  • market data relocations
  • vendor negotiations
  • etc ...

If you are looking for someone with the experience to manage or work under a manger, you have found it here. We can train up your staff it you have suddenly found yourself short on resources or experience.

Question: How can this type of support help your organisation?


  • Additional resources when and where they are required without effecting headcount to run or manage projects.
  • Provide the man power to complete projects or when key staff are not available.
  • Support for remote sites when there is no local presence.


Please call AAA Market Services today to discuss your business requirements +61 (0) 499 550 577 and help AAA Market Services help you to reduce risk, better manage your market data inventory and reduce the overall all cost of ownership.

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